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holo-blog audio podcast is a series of conversations, ideas, opinions, and a tangential journey to all things design.

HB.01, origin

Roddy Handa is a licensed architect, active lawyer, and CEO of holo-blok. The company he founded is dedicated to embracing technology to solve today's most common industry problems. This is our origin story. | 2019.10.01

HB.02, #talkingwithdesigners

In this episode, we spend some quality time with Celeste and Darren, creators of the Instagram series: #talkingwithdesigners. | 2019.10.06

HB.03, competition

In this episode, we deep dive into what it takes to participate in an international design competition.

Coming: 2019.10.20

HB.04, ETH

In this episode, we find out what motivated architect (and our own holo-bloker) Frederic Brisson to study for a year in the world's most advanced architecture and design lab.

Coming: 2019.11.03

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